Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Arrival in Puerto Vallarta

The end of the second day in Puerto Vallarta. The day I left home, there was a weather advisory for northern Washington; I beat most of it, but on the way to the airport the next day, there was snow and slush and then fog. I have a good idea why their is sooo many northerners who have relocated here.

Yesterday was the first Spanish class - first of all we were early, and then we were late. But then, we got to stay after class, to the ribbing of our comrades, and conjugated the verbo ser and trabajo (is and work).

We did so much walking yesterday, to look at different hotels. For dinner, we decided to dine while watching the sunset. It wasn't that easy. We ended up walking back to the street where our hotel was, stopped at Steve's Sports Bar and had a drink before we lined up for our restaurant.

While we waited in line, I had my second pina colada, and BJ had her second cerveza. We talked the entire wait with a woman and man from Minnesota, and then ended up sitting at a table together. I had a margarita - they are pretty impressive! We actually spent more on drinks than our meal.

Then back to the hotel to do our homework - which was a pretty interesting thing to do! Thankfully class started at 9.

It is 9 pm, the homework is done for today, and no licor (liquor) today. But I did have my siesta by the pool, which is on the top floor of the hotel. (That would be Hotel #2 - we've been busy.)

Buenos noches!

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