Sunday, February 04, 2007

Travels on a Winter's Day

It may have been the promise of spring but since January 6th, there has been a good deal more snow in our valley. This view is my backyard today. The landlord parks her car for the winter. Since the original snow fell, some has melted, for at some point the car was entirely covered. Still.....

This is not a minor amount of snow.

This weekend I ventured farther than I did in the last two weeks. With a persistent cold, I stayed close to home. One of my lovely discoveries was blueberry tea, a cure for all that ails you.

Today, I drove my friend to her home, and filled up my water bottles. This journey, as some of you may remember, is a lovely journey along the Kootenay Lake; most of the trip we follow the north shore, and then the ferry takes us across the lake. Cynthia lives beside a lovely creek that rushes with water in the spring and is a good deal quieter during the fall. This is the view Cynthia saw from her kitchen window today:

When I left Cynthia's, the snow began falling. The last two weeks have been a special treat, a break from shovelling; we all knew that it was a matter of time. Because what happens in the winter in the mountains... well, it's snow... Here is the view up the valley facing east, though even a lifetimer here would be hard pressed to tell what direction it is.

I hear we are getting a snowfall advisory for overnight. Is it time to take up skiing?

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