Tuesday, October 16, 2007


On the Thanksgiving long weekend, I went to visit my friend, Elizabeth, who recently moved to Lethbridge. Other than a couple of overnights in the 90s, I have never been to Lethbridge.

To get to Lethbridge from here, one has to go over the Kootenay Summit. Here was the scene on October 8th...
The roads, thankfully, were dry.

When I came upon the flatland, I was mesmorized by vastness, sky, and all those Albertans who know how to get somewhere fast. I left the mountains behind:

Elizabeth chauffeured me around Lethbridge. West Lethbridge is separated from North and South Lethbridge by Oldman River, which is surrounded by its coulees, a phenomenon I understand that came when the glaciers were heading out.

In response to people's questions back home about how Elizabeth is doing, she said, "I am blown away by Lethbridge." Here's the evidence...

Lethbridge is one windy city. According to Wikipedia, it is the second most windy city in the country. What on earth is the first?

Besides the blowing wind, there are other pros for being in Lethbridge (and Alberta) - the price of gas...