Sunday, February 11, 2007


Rose said she couldn't actually see the ribbon clouds - now here's the thing about clouds - they are elusive. Here is a picture from Friday - when they were being wispy...

This picture was taken on the road back from Kaslo, which was Friday's big adventure. My thought is that it IS Rose who might guess where this picture was taken... Any other takers??

Kaslo is about an hour north of Nelson; it is surrounded the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain ranges, and has been called the Switzerland of the Americas, because of the majestic views of the mountains and lake. Kaslo is home to the SS Moyie, a sternwheeler which is "the oldest intact passenger steam vessel of its type in the world." The SS Moyie sailed Kootenay Lake from 1898 to 1957, and has been beautifully restored and is now a designated national historic site. Here it is:

Typical of some people who do more sightseeing when they leave home, I have to confess that I haven't actually been inside the SS Moyie. I am sure it is beautiful.

This next photo (note mountains and clouds - hmmm... seems to be a theme these days). At the bottom of the mountain are the new condos in Kaslo.

For those who only travel to the Kootenays in the summer, here is a sight that you won't get to see:

Penny wanted to know about what is happening with the snow. Well, it has been warm around here (about 6 degrees C), and our precipitation has been in the form of rain. What this means is that I can no longer park in the backyard because of the condition of the back lane. I have already spent $79.50 this year, learning the lesson of when to drive down a back alley. And I learned it on THIS back alley. So here is the update of the snow melt, as of today, minus my car:

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