Saturday, March 03, 2007

Puerto Vallarta By Night

Well, of course, in a way, there is more to do in Puerto Vallarta in the evenings. A few of the bars are open until 6 am and then on Friday and Saturday, they are open until 8 am.

We caught the water taxi today to Yelapa, and in the line up people were already into the beer. One of the fellows had not slept at all; I am wondering if the morning beer was a help or hinderance. The water taxi to Yelapa takes 45 minutes on the open ocean, which this morning, looked tranquil. Well, as much as an ocean can be. On the way back, the winds had picked up. I had the edge seat which meant that a good deal of me was wet when we pulled up to the pier. Simon, who sat next to me mostly only had his face sprayed.

Hmmm... I haven't been to this cafe during the daylight - it is home to a lot of birds. To the left of me is an open courtyard. There is the cutest frog sitting on the edge of a water fountain, which it appears to be devoid of water. The frog is not real.

BJ and I arranged to meet for dinner - she was walking down the street and just found me. She is off to the Artisans Shop and I am keeping an eye on her new wares (I don't precisely know what they are but I suspect it has to do with pottery - she is a potter - who could appreciate pottery any better?)

BTW, typing on a keyboard in Mexico is kinda an experience in experimentation. If I try to find certain keys by looking at the keyboard, they don't work. But if I do them from memory, they are exactly where they are supposed to be! (Except of course, this blog is entirely in Spanish - good thing I went to school. Oh yes, I wrote the exam on Friday - I have officially completed Level 1.)

I do have pictures... they are coming but with eating, and swimming, and exploring, there is little time for the blog.

I am coming home tomorrow - I am counting on winter having passed.

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