Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Signs of Autumn

This posting is long overdue. I have been capturing the beauty of fall in this part of the world - I think this season can really capture the grandeur of living in the Kootenays. Today, alas, is really announcing winter. Low clouds. Rain. At this time of the year, my thoughts go to the mountain peaks because if it is raining here, there is a good chance of snow there.

I am on the road today - to Spokane - with, I suspect, a few other Canadians who want to take advantage of the Canadian dollar and a long weekend. And we all get to see that big beautiful sky that is a treat for us mountain dwellers. Unless - of course - those clouds have taken over there too. In any event, what I have learned after living on the side of a mountain for 13 years (the anniversary is November 11th) is that clouds are never the same, and similar to the prairie I came from, is amazing if you really look.

Here's the autumn pics:
Taghum Beach:

From Gyro Park looking South: