Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ribbon Clouds

The snow was less than anticipated. And the temperature was above freezing. So on my drive to computer training in Castlegar yesterday morning, what I had to contend with was mud spray on my window.

I think the smartest advice when one is feeling inundated with the grey of winter and clouds that won’t give up, is to surrender. Somewhere along the highway yesterday, I noticed that the clouds were playing. Against the backdrop of the deciduous trees, the clouds were forming ribbons. They darted in and around their mountain playmates, shifting and reshaping themselves.

Life was quiet at the Castlegar airport, though the parking lot had parked vehicles, evidence that at some point, planes were able to depart. I found the road behind the airport, and saw the view from the other side. I am imagining the houses with sitting rooms facing the landing strip and friends inviting friends over to watch the excitement. This would be what they see:

On my journey down to the highway (the road was soft snow packed – annoying driving to say the least – but I understand that’s what a photographer does for their shot, get in some sticky situations), I got a view of the Columbia River, looking up towards Arrow Lakes:

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