Sunday, February 18, 2007


The village is in Sierra Leone. Students at our two local high schools have joined together to raise funds to help the children of Sierra Leona, who were devastated by the 11-year civil war.

Last year, they raised $7,000 which was used to build a school. This year their goal is to raise $9,000 for a drinking well, along with medical and school supplies for the same community.

This last Saturday a fundraising event was held, with lots of participation from the community. Their were 300 of us who attended, ate a three-course meal prepared by the students of the Selkirk College cooking school. All of our food was served by the high school students.

Eight groups of people entertained us. Of those, there were a group of students who performed an African Dance, two stagebands, and the Corazon Voice ensemble.

This project is through Free the Children, a Canadian youth-run organization, a network of "children helping children through education." Three years, it was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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