Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where to begin?

With a question.

As many journeys do.

The idea for this blog began with stories. With 120,000 kms on my car in 5 years, I had collected some wonderful pictures into this world. And so, I will begin the travel stories in the middle of a journey. Welcome to my travels (I'm thinking that there will be co-travellers along the way...)

The first day of this year I woke up in Vancouver. By dinner time, I was on a Greyhound heading East. Returning home to a wonderland. In 9 days, a lot of snow descended on our mountains. Indeed the snow was falling when the taxi driver placed my suitcase on the top landing, at 6 am.

After a nap, I was ready for breakfast. Were it that simple. The fridge was bare (not precisely - it was actually frozen solid). And my car was blanketed. It was going to be longer than I thought for my meal. I rummaged through the suitcase and found the remainder of the Christmas cake my sister made. (Thank you to those who left it to me.)

After shovelling for over an hour in the rain (and yes, you probably guessed... heavy snow), I phoned Rose to see if she knew anyone who would be interested in shovelling for a fee. She did not. As I sat in my living room, it suddenly occurred to me that I knew exactly where to find someone.... I called a local employment agency.

Three days later, I set out for Spokane to see the Broadway musical, Hairspray.

This is what I woke up to in the morning:

The promise of spring???....


Janine said...

It was lovely to go on these travels with you, Patricia. Made me think about "travel" and how for many of us travelling has come to mean leaving our cities, provinces or countries.

This past Sunday I went to a friend's birthday party and everyone, except the birthday girl and me, were going to another country within the next couple of weeks. I thought about why I wasn't going anywhere and came up with a lot of reasons.

Your ponderings made me take another look at the journeys and "travel" I've been doing this past week and into this one.

Because I had a cold, and because it is brutally cold in Winnipeg, my dear friend Nancy has made a committment to take me to work and pick me up every day until this cold breaks. The trip is only about 10 minutes each way, but we've been having the most amazing conversations - finishing ones we start at the beginning of the day, at the end of our day.

Her kindness affected me deeply and what was an ordinairy journey to work has been transformed.

Although the daily journey is short, and I didn't need to plan or pack much except my lunch, the inner learnings are deep and far reaching.

When the cold breaks (in Winnipeg that means it's still cold, just not as cold) I'll go back to walking. In the meantime i look forward to my journey to work tomorrow morning with Nancy.

Patricia said...

I am hoping that the cold has lifted in Winnipeg.

I agree that there are many ways to journey, and I can hardly think of anything more delightful than having a day parenthesized with a good friend.