Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wasn´t that a party

Life on Isla Mujeres is full of rhythms, whether it is the weather or the waves, or how people spend the time. Each day, really, is a beach day.

But really, no two days are even remotely alike. Spontaneity is the real rhythm of island life.

I had finished my shower after the beach, and joined the Happy Hour crew on the balcony. There are now 8 at the hotel who gather; Gail and Bill, who moved to the Hotel Francis Arlene because our hotel is full, also joined us. Bill brought ribs that he bought earlier, and I finally got to taste the elusive delight. I showed them pictures of the sunrise that I captured on camera that morning. Though the landscape was inspiring, there wasn´t too much enthusiasm for getting up early. This is a night crowd. Who love to have fun!

Dinner, it was decided, was to be at Sese Loco´s, a restaurant half way down the island. The minority suggested that we walk the 3/4 of a kilometre, but the taxi crowd won. Two taxis required for 8 - Bill and Gail were not coming along.

Though there were many menu options, I decided that since I have limited meals left here, I was having the garlic shrimp. Great choice! The shrimp is cut in half, and then grilled with a tasty garlic sauce. The shrimp were served with baked potato - I am not sure where they get such tasty potatoes, but they are incredible. I also decided on a strawberry margarita. (The experiment continues.) Everyone else had delicioso meals.

Then, time to get back in the cab. In the front seat, Mike was encouraging the driver, and found international language - Nascar. We beat the other crew back by a landslide.

Out we went into the downtown streets to Miguel´s where they were having a live band. Dancing and singing! Two Mexicans who play North American music, for example, Stairway to Heaven. Pina Colada for me! This was a very successful experiment - it was perfect. So I decided on another. The band played on. I met the woman whose dog barked at me in the morning when I was walking along the Malecon.

Then it was time to leave. Back to my room. And it was 10:55. The Baby Boomer crowd knows how to party. Without being wasted the next day. After all, you never know what´s going to happen tomorrow.

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