Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Arrival Day

I have landed! It seems an eternity ago since I dragged the suitcase that was staying behind to my car, and found my red Civic entirely frosted. I pondered whether to leave that great Kootenay water in the car or take the risk that the glass bottle might break. And now I am sitting in my short-sleeved shirt and sandals, and totally enjoying the warm wind. It is windy here this evening, as was the ferry ride over, which made for a choppy ride. I met a couple from Denver in the line up for the bus, and we travelled here together. I had the benefit of their information that they got from their landlords on Isla Mujeres. And they got the benefit of my Spanish (imagine that!)

They had a map of Isla Mujeres and there was no reading it on the ferry ride. The minute I started reading, everything was aswirling.

I caught the 6:15 plane out of Spokane, and had a fine day despite getting up at some unearthly hour. The couple in the Spokane hotel room above me had a late night, arriving in at 1:00 pm and then showering. After a while there was some rhythmic noises which continued for a rather lengthy amount of time. Still, it is good that they were having a good time. Between the neighbours and a stupid early wake-up call, it was a short night.

Most of this day was about travelling - there were many, many others doing the same. It seems that it is not too hard to fill a plane to Cancun.

When I got to Cancun, I decided to take the bus to downtown Cancun and then a cab to the Puerto Juarez, the ferry terminal. This is the most economical way to get from the airport. And the bonus was that it was one of those big tour buses - very comfy. I shared the cab ride with Greg and Rachel (from Denver) and saved even more money!

After checking into my new pad - I am going to wait until the sun shines before I give a review - I do have cable TV! And lovely clean white sheets!

Dinner was camarones al ajo - fresh caught from ocean - this is the way to have shrimp (and of course garlic). I have my aqua purificada and am ready to be horizontal.

Remember the smell of the ocean? That´s my biggest surprise of the day....

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