Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Island Life

Really, it isn't much different than being at home. People spent the day with their families, many at the beach. At the north beach yesterday, there were about 30 boats, and boats isn't the best way of describing them. They are more like yachts. They park in the furthest sand bar and jump into the water. Meanwhile back on the seaside, we all are doing the dance of shade, sun and water. It is simply too hot to spend too much time in the sun. All of the palm trees have someone planted underneath them. And many people bring along their coolers full of beer.

Many places were closed yesterday - not the restaurants or bars. I had my first mojito last evening, and it was so refreshing. I decided on Fredy's for dinner, and when I arrived, I found 3 of my fellow guests at the hotel in the only occupied table so I joined them. I had Fredy's special shrimp which reminded me a bit of an Italian sauce with tomatoes and onions; it was topped with parmesan cheese. Not quite the same as home, but neither were the shrimp. The shrimp are frozen soon after being caught to preserve their freshness; they are very tasty. Fredy is a bit of a card; when I arrived, he said that he heard that he was to be on the lookout for a woman dressed in a purple shirt.

Dessert I found on the street outside of the grocery store; it was called a strawberry cheesecake, but again, the taste is different than home. There are many choices of flan here - it seems to be a favourite.

When the crew decided to go for a walk about town, I decided to stay home. This morning, I listened to the stories of what happened later. One amusing phrase, I hadn't heard of before was the feeling you get after a few beers - bulletproof. That seems to be the time that tequila shots sound like a good idea.

One of my regular hangouts at the beach is also occupied by two couples and the vendors for the chairs. Darlene and I went to a barbecue place in the middle of the afternoon to buy our lunch. I decided on the ribs, but was told that they would not be ready for 15 minutes. Like Saturday. The elusive ribs.

Looks like it is beach time....

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