Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making Friends

My first full day on Isla Mujeres I began on the balcony of the hotel. The view overlooks the Gulf of Mexico; it is across the street from Hotel Francis Arlene where I have stayed previously. All the guests at this hotel flock to this side of the open area, because of the view except for two rooms which have their own windows facing the ocean. These two rooms are prime real estate. The fellow I met yesterday who was leaving (part of his leavetaking was gifting his unfinished bottles of booze) has reserved the room for next year.

I do not have one of those rooms. Gabriel gave me the room in the middle of the court yard, though calling it a courtyard is a stretch because we are on the second floor. The courtyard is on the first floor and is a restaurant. But when I leave my room, I walk into the outdoors!

I have not tried the restaurant yet as I have had my breakfasts at the market. Tomorrow, I have a breakfast date with Rachel and Greg, who I met at the airport.

Yesterday when Lupa was cleaning the rooms, I noticed that the room two doors down was vacated that morning, and so I asked to move there. Why? The room has an extra window and the other window when I open it, I can see palm trees moving in the breeze. How cool is that?

I met a couple at the market yesterday who suggested that if I wanted a knife (I found lovely avocados and mangoes at the market), they could suggest a store so off we went to find what they call the "American market." I have no idea why they call it that. They did, however, have a knife which has the most serrations that I have ever seen. I could do many things with this knife. Except get on a plane.

I spent some of the afternoon on the beach where I met Darlene and Tom who have been here since January 6th so I got the scoop. They have friends they introduced me to - Ann and Glen, who live in Canada except they have been here since December 15th, so perhaps they can say they vacation in Canada!

I am happy to say that I totally avoided a sunburn, unlike another guest at the hotel who spent his day in the shade after the previous day. He looked like he was suffering.

This morning I found out that yesterday was Trish`s birthday; she and her husband Joe are here from Kelowna.

After the beach, shower and nap (yikes - does that sound cool or what?), I went for a walk to find dinner. I bumped into Rachel and Greg on at Playa Norte and so we went to Jax for the best burgers. Not the best pina coladas so the search continues.

So far, I have practiced my English a lot. And met very friendly people. Off to see the changes since I was last here - 6 years ago.

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