Friday, April 13, 2007

Shopping in Seattle

Technically, we were shopping in Bellevue, a stone's throw from Seattle. Not really. It is more like a bridge crossing, interstate cruising, and lots of turning - from Seattle. Since I have never driven in Bellevue, and Ryan always goes a different way, I would be hooped if I had to get to Bellevue myself.

Our first quest in Bellevue was FootZone, where Aimee and I each got a new pair of running shoes. Aimee found this store last year when I was getting ready for the Fun Run. The shoes were very successful so back we came.

When we left FootZone, we stopped at Jamba Juice - this is Ryan's discovery, and one of his favourite haunts. I'd like to introduce you to (if you haven't met her already) Julie. Julie's pet peeve is that there is a cat with a remarkably similar name.

The best choice - Orange Dream Machine

Then we were off to the favourite mall choice: Bellevue Square.

Our first stop was at a Canadian-owned store - lululemon. lululemon athletica is a yoga inspired athletic apparel company. They have taken their groovy poster and turned it into shopping bags. This is a must have. Even worth spending $10 (US that is) on a cup to get the free bag.

Our second stop:

While Aimee and Julie went off to the Lucy store, Ryan and I went inside. This wall has many portholes, each with a special Lego product. For $6.95, you can fill a large empty Lego cup with any items from the wall of Lego. The challenge is, of course, to get as much in your cup for the best deal. Ryan has figured out that more Lego fit into the container if you build the pieces together. Still, putting rectangles into a circular cup is not that easy. And certainly not child's play.

Now if you are thinking that it might be a bit of an unusual for Ryan and I to be frequenting a "child's" store, look who's hand is in one of the portholes.

Another favourite stop is Sephora. Sephora sells everything to help us be even more beautiful, smell wonderful, and have fun in the making. Beauty Educators. Makeup Artists. Forget meeting someone new on dating websites. Go with your sister or mother to Sephora.

Marie, here is where Ryan and Aimee found your birthday present. Don't look too hard - it's a surprise!

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