Monday, April 09, 2007

The Journey Home

While I was travelling back to the Kootenays today, a lot of people were travelling the other direction. To the lower mainland, I concluded.

The mountains are still exquisite with their caps of snow. In the valley bottoms, spring is in various stages. Here is a quiet bit of the road. (Whoever first posts the actual location in the comments at the bottom of this entry, I will make a homemade dinner! - don't be shy!)

Usually in the mountains you descend into a town or city, and there are views that capture your attention. Here is the view coming into Oosoyoos. If you remember the post from two days ago, that was Oosoyos from the other direction.

As I rounded the corner into Grand Forks, I saw this view of the mountains. Does that look like fresh snow way up there???


The stop on the Blueberry Paulson:

Looks like I picked the wrong shoes today...


Ryan said...

Why are you stopping on the blueberry paulson?

Also, the first picture is between either princeton and keremeos or between keremeos and osoyoos.

Patricia said...

It seems that I stopped on the Blueberry Paulson to get my socks wet.

Well, your answer to the location of the photo is getting warm. There is a hint in the picture...

Another hint... think cows!

Anonymous said...

Just West of Oosoyoos, thats my best guess.


Patricia said...

Indeed, Aimee was closer. For those who haven't been on this road, the black items on the right side of the road is a fence made out of tires. It holds the ... cows .... in.

My place or yours, Aimee??