Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Line Up

We were very clever, we thought, leaving Vancouver on Saturday morning instead of Good Friday. By then, we imagined, most of the travellers south would have already passed through the border. When we reached the truck crossing, it was evident, that we would be waiting in a line up. As we turned to the second border crossing, thinking that this one would be shorter, Aimee found the radio station with the expected wait times at the border: one hour for either crossing.

And so we amused ourselves. We pulled out our cameras when traffic came to a halt at:

Outside the shop we saw the fountain:

We moved on, with the ocean on one side (low tide), and rows of cars on either side of us. Inside the car, Aimee kept busy:

We got the broccoli out of our teeth:

So we were ready for:

And we inched our way to the border crossing, having chosen the slowest lane. When it was finally our turn, the border guard smiled at us and said, "Where were you? I've been waiting an hour for you."

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