Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Google World

Bellevue is close to Kirkland. Kirkland is Google's country home; the mansion is in Mountain View, California. On our way back to Seattle after shopping, we stopped at the place that puts Ryan's brain to lots of use.

A day at the office...

We got to visit the room where Ryan and his team are moving soon. As you can see out the window, spring has come to Kirkland, with that green so unique to the bursting of the leaves!

I had already heard stories about the Google mini-kitchens. Brains need good snacks and there are lots of choices here:

To the right is a room with a stocked fridge, and many kinds of beverages - hot, cold. Want cereal with that milk? Lattes whenever you get a hankering!!

We took the tour of the dining room, where every day there are some grand meals. Yep, Google feeds their employees. Julie found a leftover cookie (what kind was that, Ryan?). I had a bite and I have to say that it was mighty impressive considering that... it had been sitting around for at least one day, and I suppose a night. (Let me assure you that Julie is well.)

I thought Einstein had a wild head of hair. And then I saw this picture....

Down the hall, I found another painting on the wall. Google is one happening kind of place...

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Ryan said...

The cookie was a chocolate chip and cinnamon cookie, my favourite kind there. Nice and soft, with cinnamony goodness.