Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Beach - At Last

Day 3 (February 28th) was when we first went to the beach, not that we went in the water. Those waves were awesome - and not for ones used to swimming in lakes! We sat on the sand, went for walk along the edge of the ocean and got sprayed with salt water, and talked to a whole lot of vendors. "No, gracias."

The two hotels where we stayed were on opposite sides of the Rio Cuale. The second one, Hotel Encino, edged the river. Later we found the foot bridges that crossed the river - swinging bridges! Every time I crossed the bridges, I laughed. On our Day 3, we got a view of our hotel from the ocean.

The building in the middle hidden by the trees is ours. BJ and I can see our room in this picture - it is on the second floor from the top; we had a direct view of the ocean!! The water here is the River Cuale; I am on the foot bridge over the river (no, it's not swinging).

The rooftop had a seating area, lovely bar facing the ocean and our pool! Here is the view from poolside:

(Does anyone remember my question whether Puerto Vallarta is flat?)

We were back to the ocean later to watch the sunset. What a wonderous sight!

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