Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Beach Day

After Spanish class in the morning of Uno de Marzo, we headed to the orange juice stand (fresh squeezed every morning - not right for my blood type but sooo worth deviating from the plan), and then to the bus stop headed South. We were off to the beach at Mismaloya. After practicing our Spanish to the bus driver (not that successfully), we found out that we had missed our stop so we got the scenic route to the beach. After getting off the bus (at last!) we walked down the road to the sea shore and Reuben found us... he had the best prices on the beach for food and free chairs!

Reuben is a fun kinda guy... Here he is in front of his restaurant/bar:

At the end of the beach on Mismaloya is a thatched hut overlooking the water. In this open-aired room, you can get a massage!

Sandy beaches....

no matter what, you end up taking some of it home with you...

Later, we walked to the Zocalo and down the Malecon, a walkway that borders the ocean. This is a popular hangout after dark. Along the way, we saw performers, a rock piler (statues made of rocks), and the most impressive work of two sand sculpturers. I attempted to take pictures for the sand sculpturer in our family, but alas there was not enough light, even with a full moon.

What I was able to capture with the camera was our courtyard:

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