Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back to the Beginning

Julia travelled part of the leg of the journey with me, and it seems that she wanted to be a part of the whole deal:

On the flight from Phoenix to Vallarta, I met a man who lived in Puerto Vallarta most of the year, about my age, and I got the scoop on where to go and what to say. And, we had a lot to say! And we laughed....

BJ met me at the airport, in addition to many men, saying, "Where are you going?" "Lady, want a taxi?" Because her flight from Seattle was earlier, she had scoped out the airport. Then we were off to town!

From home, we had booked a hotel for 2 nights; this was in the heart of the area called Zona Romantica. Here is a view from the rooftop. The door at the back of the pool, of which you can only see part of, is our room. When we had a siesta one afternoon, we had the windows open beside the door and it sounded like someone was in a bathtub.

On our first full day, we walked around the town with our researched list of hotels to see if we wanted a new room. We found one! Then we walked to find a place for dinner, and ended up back on the same street (after an hour BJ calculated). We had done a lot of walking, and found Steve's Sports Bar where BJ had a cerveza and I had a pina colada. There was a line up outside Cafe de Ollo, so we visited with 2 people from Minnesota. Here's the beauty of waiting in line outside a restaurant in Mexico - they serve you drinks! Pina Colada for me! Cerveza por mi amiga! At the table, I remembered that others had told me about the margaritas in Mexico... Margarita for me! Cerveza por mi amiga!

Then it was time to do our homework for class the next morning!

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