Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 11 - Travelling to Barcelona

The powers of observation.  I had stood in the queue for a while before I noticed that we actually had to get a number.  

By this time, there were quite a few people ahead of me.  And finally, it was my turn.  

When I got to the wicket, I opened up my iPad to show my electronic ticket.  This was the message in front of me - iPad is disabled.  

I couldn't even explain to the Renfe train rep that I didn't have the confirmation number for my ticket.  

I waved my hand.  And went to the sitting area. 

Usually I copy down travel information in my Moleskin notebook I carry with me.  But I had not.  

And then I remembered that Renfe had sent me an email confirmation.  I download messages on both the iPhone and iPad.  And there it was!  

Here's the goods on the iPad.  It is out of commission until I can get it on some home turf, like a wifi it recognizes or the computer.  An iPad becomes disabled when there have been 6 false attempts.  None of it was me directly.  I carried the iPad in my bag (note to self:  next time power it down) and with the movement as I was walking, I figure that the number keys were being pushed.  

I miss my iPad.  It has all of my entertainment for the long flight home - books, movies, even music.  The iPhone does not have that.  

I am annoyed that MY iPad is inaccessible to ME.  Allegedly for my own good.  

And I am doing what you do when you are travelling and something goes wrong.  You just gotta go with the flow.  

Just figure it out.  

The appeal to travelling is never quite knowing what is going to happen.  As Pema Chodron says, getting comfortable with uncertainty.  

Taking a train - what a great idea! 

I get to see it all.  But fast.  There is a display in the coach that shows the speed at the time.  We reached a maximum of 199 kms per hour.  

And I got to see:

And cities and tunnels.  

I arrived in Barcelona in the early evening where I had begun 10 days before.  The new host had given good instructions.  A new Metro for me.  

And maneuvering new streets.  And I landed at my new home for 2 days.  

I am in a building with the window in my room facing the back.  Quiet!  

My host was prepared - guidebook, map, and explained it all clearly and succinctly.   Today I found out he is a teacher.  

Out for dinner and then I was done!

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