Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 10 - Valencia

I heard the rain before I opened my eyes. My plans - beach and laundry - were swept away.  

By late afternoon, the sky had lightened up enough that I made my way to the beach.  

Most of the other people there were either fishing or one of those walker types that have a mission.

And then it was time for dinner.  I am getting used to eating at 9 or 10.  This evening I had the company of two other travellers, both from France.  

They each know 3 languages (at least) and luckily for me one of them was English.  What a delight to have conversations beyond logistics.

After dinner, one of my companions suggested that we go for wine at a local bar.  The walk was one of those kinds - where one person thinks it is just down the street and the other thinks - are we going into another town?  

The latter was me.  

The trick is to have good company.  

Red wine and a shared cheese cake!  And when I turned into bed it was 2 am.  Impressive!

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