Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Touring the Bay Area

The second day of my Easter break was spent touring. We headed north over the Golden Gate bridge into Marin County. We decided that this was a good place to turn off...

The first stop was in Corte Madeira where we visited Book Passage...

This is a lively bookstore that hosts several writers' conferences every year, many readings, and keeps a buzz on much that is happening. I think I saw a picture of Obama in the masthead.

Next, we set out for Oakland. On the way, we passed this place.

In Oakland, we found the clothing stores I had originally seen in magazine advertisements over 20 years ago, and a mighty fine pastry shop close by where we picked up cookies.

Then we found the freeway, with impressive greenery...

We wound our way again to the ocean to see the sunset, but the clouds stole the view. We walked for a while along the boardwalk as the wind was cold. It reminded me of a comedian who made a comment about a man who could withstand gale-force winds. He said, "It isn't THAT the wind blows, it is WHAT the wind blows." In this case, it was sand being pelted on the sides of our faces. I, of course, was wearing capris.

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