Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beach Day

April 10th

We arrived to the beach late, due in part to a headache and secondly, because we chose a beach miles away from here. The plan was to go to Half Moon Bay but we landed further down the road in Pescadero State Beach, about 44 miles along Highway 1, which winds its way along the ocean.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Ryan asked. Seasoned to the northern California weather, he had brought the kind of clothes that I left at home - the coverings that I was pretty much done with after a long and hard winter.

"Yes!" I was excited to walk along the ocean. I was grateful for the extra fleece I had brought. Fleece is not the best fabric for wind; if I was writing the text for the tag that went on clothing, I would say... for indoor use only.

Later, I found this suggestion on the state park website:

Seasons/Climate/Recommended clothing
The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.

Good. I was now in 3 layers of clothing. My first clue to our beach experience was in the outdoor loo, the kind without plumbing. The wind was whirling around in there; no place I would say to expose skin.

When we meandered our way through the sand dunes to the beach, it was a busy weather day. Closer to San Francisco, we had seen surfers.

Glad I didn't spend a lot of time doing the hair that day.

The beach, as you may have guessed, we had to ourselves.

Luckily, we found shelter in a beach house...

And saw the sunset (very thrilling event for someone who lives in the mountains)...

Ryan, the-fellow-who-never-does-the-same-road-twice-if-he-doesn't-have-to, decided to follow the country road through the hills to get to the interstate. This was a l-o-n-g road that had many curves through dark forest - the kind of place where you probably wouldn't want to get stranded. After several miles, it was too much for my already queasy stomach; I was green. I offered to drive and that definitely helped, but I was quite relieved to be on the interstate - going in a straight line.

I notice today that there is barely any wind - I better get outside before it changes.

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Anonymous said...

You look very cold, seems alot like our temp., not much water around here, oodles of ice though, piles of it.