Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Sunday in San Francisco

Easter Sunday in San Francisco began innocently enough. After the traditional Easter egg hunt (isn't it curious where the last one is hiding), Ryan made breakfast, and then we set out to explore the city. Our plan was to check out Chinatown, which is apparently the largest Chinatown outside of Asia as well as the oldest one in North America.

We caught the F-line which took us down Market Avenue to Grant where we walked up to Chinatown. We ate at a sushi place, with a definite Easter-egg-shape to the dinnerware...

Perhaps we should have taken the before picture?

We walked and shopped, and landed in a gelato place where we had a lovely visit with a newbie to SF - John. He told us a good deal about mechanical engineering. While I was sitting, I noticed that my knee was feeling a bit wonky.

We said goodbye to our new friend. We had 2 hours before our arranged Skype-date with family in Winnipeg.

At first, it was all pleasant, though I was walking slower with the tender knee. The sidewalks are mesmerizing in that they sparkle in the sun, like diamonds....

As we walked along, we decided on a splendid plan. My last time downtown this trip would be punctuated with a ride on the cable car. We walked several blocks and I dug out my $5 bill. After a wait, the cable car came up the hill, but it was full. The operator shouted for us to take the next one. Ryan checked on his iPhone; we had 8 minutes to wait. The weather was a bit chilly so we stayed in the sun. The next cable car came along, and it was full and didn't stop for us.

We abandoned the idea of the cable car. A bus. We walked several blocks to the bus stop. And waited. Ten minutes later, a bus arrived. Full. It passed us by.

Here is a place we passed along the way....

Our next plan was to walk to Fisherman's Wharf and catch the F-line home. So we walked and walked (I more like hobbled and hobbled). We piled into the streetcar, and I met 4 lads from England who just came back from Alcatraz. Several blocks down the road, our driver said, "End of the line. Everyone off."

So we all piled off our double car and crammed ourselves onto the next single car.  2 l/2 hours after the decision to go home, we arrived.  We had a delightful visit. With webcams, you can:
  • show your new purchases or gifts
  • give a tour of your home
  • make distorted pictures of yourself that makes your mother laugh and laugh
We said farewell, and got in Ryan's car for our trip to Trader Joe's, my first for this visit. Apparently, Trader Joe's closes early on Easter Sunday; I swallowed the disappointment and focussed on dinner. Part of the trip was to pick up our dinner and so I suggested that we go to the King of Thai Noodles; Ryan declined as he goes there frequently. His idea was for me to do take out. Groovy to me. Ryan parked outside, and I hobbled to the restaurant and to the server. "The kitchen closes at 9 pm." I looked at the clock - it was 9:05. The server offered to go and talk to the cooks, but it was a no deal.

And that is how we ended up eating crunchy tacos for our Easter dinner. At home, I opened the Taco Bell take-out bag, and sat in front of HDTV with an ice pack on my knee. I was grateful.


Anonymous said...

So where was the last egg hiding? You didn't say. I would have put it in the fridge with the other eggs.


Patricia said...

Don't you know that Easter Bunnies can't open fridge doors?