Saturday, March 07, 2009

Views From Home

Continuing with the theme of appreciation for what is in our own backyard, I had a notion today about how we can share experiences when we live far apart. Here is how it unraveled.

When I woke this morning, the snow was falling - this is still good news for the snow pack. I am delighted to say Whitewater Ski Resort has had 25 cms of new snow in the last 3 days. For those of us who have no desire to live on a snow pack, this can be more annoying than exciting. Today, Rose's first words to me, "I blame it all on you." Indeed I have been a little concerned about the amount of the snow at the top of the mountains. She agrees. "But we don't need it down here!" A little tricky - to have one without the other.

Soon after I sat down at my writing desk this morning, the snow started falling heavier, and there was no sky. Here is what I saw out my door:

When I spoke with Aimee, she was contemplating going for a walk in the sunshine. ???? Then, I had this fun idea. What were other people seeing outside their home? With the assistance of long distance phone plans, digital cameras and high speed, here is today, captured.

Here's Aimee's view from Coquitlam:

Here's my mother's view in Winnipeg:

Here's Ryan's view in San Francisco:

So, I see a theme. Blue sky. Lots of it.

Here's the last picture of the day, taken a few minutes ago...

See the upper right hand corner of the photo?


Anonymous said...

Girl, you do things in a hurry, wonderful wording as usual, nice pics. Bet you all would love to cross country ski in winnipeg!

Patricia said...

Thanks! Well, as far as snow goes, except for San Francisco, there was enough to go cross-country skiing everywhere. Though in Westwood Plateau, it would be downhill whatever you put on your feet.

Anonymous said...

wow, that was amazing - all the coordination too!


Patricia said...

It was a fun idea! I am awed by how sometimes the world can feel so big and then so small.

Thank you all for responding quickly, and getting on board!