Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Wandering

For the past several days, I have been staving off a bug of some sort. The most irritating part of my day is a headache that is chasing me, and finding me it seems, around each corner. On Wednesday, I cancelled the gym and came home and slept. On Friday, I spent the day taking headache medications, and it did take the sting out of it, but I had another nap after work.

So I am not sick. And I am not well. When I talked to my mother on the telephone today, she asked in a most motherly caring way if I had anything to eat. I hadn't. Because the way this all is affecting me is a general lack of energy - not wanting to shop or prepare food. When I told her that I thought a walk was a good idea, she said to walk myself to a place that served food.

I went in the car. Immediately what I saw was two things:
- the weather was beautiful
- the gas tank is low

So I decided to go to Castlegar, a 40-minute drive from here. Because I took the back entrance into the city, I saw Bagels and Brew; it was the perfect spot. I chose a spot near the window and ate soup and... yes... a bagel. I read. I wrote. I then remembered their Centennial Walkway.

The walkway runs alongside the Columbia River. When I got to the park, I chose to walk down along the water instead of the paved pathway. The river is low, as many are this time of the year, before the runoff. The Columbia, though, is one river that is in a hurry.

At this point, the river is flowing both ways.

I found the worn path through the trees, perhaps first made by deer and other wildlife. The path winds its way following the river to Zuckerberg Island. There are two ways to get onto the island - one via a built-up road, and the other by suspension bridge.

What I noticed from this angle was how the water that normally edges this embankment is gone. I had a hypothesis, and walked onto the bridge. Here is what I saw...

The land on the right side of the photo is the "mainland" and the land on the left is the island. In the distance, there is a rocky shore. Yep, just as I figured. Zuckerberg, at this moment in time, is not an island.


Anonymous said...

I must say Marie had some good advice for you...walk to where they serve food, indeed. And while I agree with her, I also know that your reaction is almost the same as mine, although perhaps for different reasons. I just feel worse when I eat when I feel unwell, so I don't eat. Still, I hope you felt better after your trip to Castlegar. The pictures along the Columbia remind me of our walk to and from the island when we were there last.

Be well. AL

Patricia said...

I think my body is saying that it is time for spring. It is a long winter, especially without cable TV...