Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Great Save

After a long day, with bristly encounters, I relaxed in front of my computer this evening and found a new and exciting feature on Blogger, the interface that brings this blog out to you.

What I discovered was labels, as you can see on the left. In the midst of my labeling, I mislabeled 6 posts - all from my trip to Puerto Vallarta. I was unable to change the label easily so I chose delete in the list, and presto, the entire 6 posts were deleted. That easily! There was no prompt that said, "Are you sure?" I know I wouldn't have been so sure.

I checked and rechecked and yes, they were gone. Totally, utterly.

So, I called Ryan and got a voice mail. And Googled my solution. I found that there are lots of solutions when the entire Blog is deleted. But not individual posts. I did see an entry about caching but what was that? So I did the dishes. And cleaned the kitchen. Ferron says, "clean your house in troubled times."

Ryan called back. Within minutes, he found my 6 lost entries. Technically, he found an older version of the blog that Blogger saves monthly or so - a cache version. I was on the right track but wouldn't have figured out how. To Ryan: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

With my old version in front of me, my task, then, was to copy those wayward blog postings and put them back into the current version. And that is how I finished my relaxing evening.

The Blog is all intact now. Minus the comments. You are welcome, if you are inspired, to go and make comments - February and March 2007 or click on the labels (aren't they handy) to the left.

Ryan says it's a sign of the times... How exactly did you say that, Ryan?

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Anonymous said...

I said you know it's the 21st century when your mom calls you to figure out how to recover her deleted blog! And then only to find it was cached in google!

You are most welcome!