Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100th Post

This is officially the 100th post that I have placed on this blog. And though I would love to be in a place far away and telling you about all my adventures, my 100th posting is my adventures at home.


Yesterday morning, I was in my bedroom putting on my makeup when I heard a crash in the kitchen. I immediately thought of the vase that had the tulips... and Julia. Then I thought of the laptop which was also sitting on the table. And I ran. Sure enough, the tulips and water were dripping from the table onto the floor. Julia was sitting close by and looking at the water dripping, me in a flurry. I looked straight at her and said, "Go away. I don't want to see you right now." And off she scrambled.

When I came home from work later, and opened the door to come inside, she ran outside. She is an indoor cat with her sights on a bigger world.


I had little time to focus on the cat, and getting her back inside because the pilot light in the fireplace had gone out - AGAIN - and the house was an ice cube. My pilot light problem is not so simple as when it first started. Previously, I would light the pilot light and then it started working. Now, the pilot light does not stay on. And the handy guy is out of town.

So I am sitting in a cold house. The electric baseboards in the bedrooms are working so every once in a while, I go there to warm up. Some of my time since I have been home today I spent washing dishes in very warm water. The landlord searched for a heater to do until tomorrow, but there was none. She is thinking now that the space heater was BTF - before the fire. This house that we live in is new - it was built 14 years ago after the first house burnt to the ground. This story is particularly poignant because we live next door to the firehall. So house happenings are either BTF or ATF.

Space heater? That got me to thinking. And I went and checked the second bedroom closet. Bingo! It's working pretty good for not being turned on in over 4 years.


I see again that I have another missed call on my cellphone. These people are persistent - they have called every weekday for the past two weeks. I don't answer the cellphone during the day because I am working. So each time, the call goes to voice mail. And each time, I get charged 40 cents from Rogers. (It's a pay-as-you-go thing.) Whether they leave a message or not. Whoever is calling is NOT leaving messages. I see the number and call them. I get an automated voice - it seems that I have called - ROGERS!

There seems to be a dastardly plot - Rogers calls me, and then charges me.

Today when they call, I am available. The woman says that they are doing a customer courtesy call, and wondering if I am happy with my service. hmmmm....

It's February. Seems that these people mentioned here had a very good idea.

Longing for these days...

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