Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

For me, the essence of Thanksgiving this last weekend was encapsulated at the Farmer's Market in Lethbridge. How amazing was the stalls of fall harvest - tables full of squashes, corn, potatoes, carrots, onions - well, really, anything you would want! And then some! What an abundance! I had forgotten about that - the prairie harvest - and I was suddenly taken back to the days I went to the farmers in Manitoba and the delight in each discovery! And later, making vats of borscht (the recipe without cream).

Elizabeth invited us for the long weekend for our now annual euchre tournament. I am thankful, too, for having such a great host for a friend. (or is that a great friend for a host?) She prepared a most magnificent feast, for each day that we were there.

Heather, her daughter Madison, Julia and I travelled the 6-hour journey to Lethbridge. We were captivated by the big wide skies:

I had a great time - laughing with friends, playing cards (my memory is that each team I was on won), shopping at Costco (having a conversation with Murray who was selling Shiatsu massage gizmos), tasting foods (the chocolate marble cheesecake was the best), watching the sunset (that is a big deal for a mountain girl), walking on flat land (this cannot be underestimated), and finding a great new coffee place (Cinnamon Bear Bakery & Cafe in Coalman, Alberta).

Indeed the weekend, for me, was all about wide open spaces - the land, and the space inside of me - thankful for all of the gifts in my life.

I am packing to go south - soon I will see both of my children - for this I have tremendous gratitude.

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