Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City is a smallish costal town in Oregon. Solidly in the tsunami danger zone, the town features amenities such as an Indian Casino, a Outlet Mall, a Birkenstock store and about 10 kite stores. In addition to the danger from massive 30 meter waves, there is some of the world's best kite flying due to the nonstop northern pacific winds. These winds contribute to the non-stop surf which is responsible for the awesome beach lines.

Lincoln City as an interesting street system. The main street is Highway 101 - the Oregon North Coast Highway. Cross streets are numbered, and parallel streets have named. The names are: Neptune, Oar, Keel, Mast, Lee, Jetty and Inlet.

The coastline is endlessly rugged, wit excellent picture opportunities:

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Patricia said...

Quite a majestic view from Lincoln City! Thanks for sharing your own adventure.

Lincoln City is south of Cannon Beach where I visited last year, and got spectacular photos.

Looks like this part of the world is just photogenic.

For us prairie folk, tell us what you learned about waves.