Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family on the Road

In celebration of spring, Ryan (with Julie), Aimee (with Josh) and I (with Al) journeyed away from home this weekend. (See Ryan's posting on Lincoln City.) Aimee is in Seattle.

My journey was a day trip to Cranbrook, which is located 3 hours from my home. What is in Cranbrook? Clothing. Having maximized my experience of winter, it is time for something new. I invited Al along for the adventure; that is how I posed it to him. One has to be clear when they put adventure out there.

When we woke up this morning, snow was falling. Not a good sign at lake level when one is planning on climbing a mountain. If it is snowing down here, there is no doubt it will be snowing at the top, and probably more.

Kootenay Pass is the highest pass along Highway 3. The ascent and descent are both lengthy. Snow fell the entire way up and down; we wondered if the snow plows had been put away for the season.

After shopping and a lovely meal in Cranbrook, we left early, planning to drive while there was light in the sky. Shortly after leaving Cranbrook, the sun peaked out from the clouds:

The snow followed us most of this day. We had brief periods of time when the road was dry, such as when we left Creston and headed into the mountains:

Does that look like suspicious clouds?

We begin our ascent, and I see new sign colours. They are fluorescent green.

The ascent continues, and so continues the snow:

And then, we begin descending:

I have much gratitude for Al, who drove the entire journey, and was willing to expand his definition of adventure.

If you ever want to feel grateful for the weather you are experiencing, have a glance at this site: Kootenay Pass

Welcome to spring!


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome.

While the trip up and down the mountain seemed interminable, there was one thing that really surprised me, even as I look back on it now. There was never a problem with traction no matter the depth of the snow. That made the trip much easier.


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