Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's Journey Home

When I awoke this morning, I had one of those Han Solo moments... "I have a bad feeling about this." The headache that had been playing tag with me for the past few days announced itself early. I actually accomplished a lot before I realized that even moving was a challenge. I worked very hard to focus on the 11 am client, and 40 minutes later, I knew that horizontal was the only choice. When I left the office, I had one of those slow walks where I tried to move as little as I could. I had, luckily, brought the car to work so I only had to make it to the parkade. Barely doable. I rested in the car before I wound my way up the hill.

And then I had 3 naps.

I woke up shortly before dinner time, but still was feeling the lingering effects. And then I remembered my mother's modeling for getting well. I cleaned. And I organized. And I finished the knitting project which was requested by BJ. It is a shawl, made with mohair.

It is one shawl that has been around. The yarn was bought in Winnipeg (Ram's Wool), sent to Nelson, and will be shortly sent to its home (for now) in Bellingham.

Apparently I have similar symptoms to those who have had the flu. I am off to find my Vitamin C. But with my house all tidied and (mostly) clean, it doesn't have a chance.


Anonymous said...

I hate headaches and any accompanying illness. I do hope you are much better now.
and the shawl is complete!! And it is beautiful! Very nice job, indeed!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shawl, guess the headache disappeard huh? Our weather is really nice today -17, what do you think of that? Take care, Mumm The time here is 12;05 P.M. in this windy city.

Patricia said...

Yes, the headache has gone, thankfully!

Thanks for the comments and compliments - nice to get the feedback.

The weather is 17... hmmm.... now is that above or below zero?