Monday, February 11, 2008

Afternoon Vacations

Lots of wintery tales this year. So last Saturday, after my notion of surrender, I thought of the idea of going to the ski hill. Not that I was going there to ski, having never downhill skied in my life. I dragged Al up there - well, actually he drove. And we got to see what all the fuss is about.

Later, when I told Ryan that we went to Whitewater (WH20 we say in this land), he asked what I did up there. Perhaps he may have some point. It makes a lot of sense to go to the ski hill and actually ski; it helps to like snow - a lot. I prefer to think of myself as an admirer of snow - for instance, if I was in... oh, let's say.... Mexico right now, I would be delighted to look at people's pictures of the north land, and I would genuinely appreciate the beauty and wonder.

But I am not in Mexico, will not be going to Mexico, so... I went to Whitewater. There is logic in there somewhere.

As of today, there is 278 cms of snow at the summit of Whitewater. The hill (that would be mountain I suppose) got 34 cms of snow in the last 3 days. That is a marvel. There was a lot of excitement about that snow - many showed up for the party...

The parking lot...

It was a winter wonderland...

It was hard to capture the amount of snow that is really up there. Here is a picture of the road...

Back to the question of what we did at Whitewater. We hung about outside, watched skiers - it was the 3-year-olds that entertained, and we ate. BECAUSE, Whitewater has one captivating restaurant. It even has its own cookbook.

And did I have a wonderful vacation?

You bet!

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