Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Spokane Firsts

I spent my Canada Day weekend in the US. I have excellent adventures (thanks for the organizing, Al).

And lots of firsts, for me.

Saturday morning we went to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and saw:

Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex that was found in South Dakota, the most complete and preserved t-rex fossil yet discovered.

Saturday evening, we stopped in at Flamin' Joes, because I had read an ad in the paper, that they served:

Yep, it is deep fried pickles. Trivia feature: This was one of Elvis' favourite foods.

Sunday, after a leisurely morning and having my green smoothie (ask me about it sometime - better still ask me to make it for you), and then we were off to Cat Tales, where I met Ali....

Ali is a Bengal Tiger, and yes, I did get to feed her.

Remember the line about doing one thing a day that scares you? Eating deep fried pickles would be it.

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