Friday, February 11, 2011

Sedona - Day 3

We woke up to one bright sunny day. By 10 o'clock, there was lots of promise of a warm day. Since this is our last full day in Sedona, we decided spending our time outdoors was high on the agenda. We decided to visit the vortexes. What we have heard so far is that the vortexes are growth inspiring, often subtle but sometimes quite powerful energy that flows through a person. People often feel uplifted and positive after having experienced the vortex. Finding the vortexes can be a bit of an elusive venture much like a treasure hunt. Some people have told us that it doesn't really matter because the vortex energy is all over the entire valley. So we got it, no matter what. We had accumulated several maps and finally we used the one that we found when researching our trip. We were ready for our vortex encounter.

Our first stop was at the Red Rock Crossing where we get a close up view of Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock. We walked along the creek until we came to the point where the creek is closest to the Rock. This is where the vortex is its strongest. As I came through the trees opening to the creek, I heard a bell not unlike one I had heard in meditation. Could this be the sound of a vortex? When I looked across the creek, I saw 3 bicyclists on the path and realized that that sound was attached to a bike. I was definitely disappointed but figured that a bell is not subtle. I continued my quest.

The idea is to be quiet enough so that you can feel the energy. As we sat on the creek's edge, I found that I was bedazzled by the sun and the wondrous heat. I would say that my awe overpowered any subtle effects of a vortex. When I looked up, here is what I saw:

As we were walking out to our car, we met our medical intuitive. Considering that we had officially met only 3 people in Sedona, seeing one of them on the trail were pretty impressive odds.

Our next stop was Boynton Canyon Vortex which in its directions gives an impression that it is an easy hike. And it is, for the first 3/4 of a mile, and then it is up, up, up and around, around, around a knoll, which looks like this:

All around this knoll is where the vortex is its most noticeable. I sat on a red rock overlooking the valley and more red rocks, which are ever inspiring. What I noticed was that I was weary from my hike. Happy though.

Our third stop was at Bell Rock, which we had visited on Day 1, though briefly. Rose decided to take the Bell Rock Trail and I decided on the Bell Rock Path. The Trail goes up and around, and the path goes all around the circumference of the Rock.

Most people choose to take the Trail so I was mostly alone on the Path. The sun was beginning to slide over the mountain opposite. As I walked, I looked for the tell-tale signs of a vortex - twisted juniper trees. Here's one:

I continued up the red sand path, looking at cactus and trees and that immense red rock on my left. Suddenly in the middle of the path, I saw swirling red dirt, a perfect funnel shape - a vortex!

This is the first I have ever heard of SEEING a vortex, but one just has to be open to anything.

And that was the end of hiking for the day. Here's some other highlights of the day:

1. Hot tub (finally warm enough!)
2. Cold Stone ice cream - talked to a delightful couple from Sioux City.
3. There are 62 Cold Stone stores in Phoenix!
4. We met Nick from Nick's on the West Side, our dinner choice.
5. Another spectacular sunset.

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