Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sedona - Day 2

The first news of the day is that I sat outside for an hour reading the Kindle. This is noteworthy because first of all the weather is heating up and secondly, this is my first experience of reading outdoors with my new electronic gadget and it is as so many have told me - very easy to read outdoors. I am reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I am hooked!

The terrain in Sedona is getting very familiar; each outing we need to rely on the maps less and less. Thanks to Trip Advisor, we have had two wonderful dinners two nights in a row. Yesterday was the India Palace, one of the best Indian restaurants I have experienced. Today we had Mexican at Cafe Elote, a very popular place to eat. We had a 20-minute wait but it was worth it. Both highly recommended and on the top 5 of restaurants to eat in Sedona. Each day is a new food adventure!

Today we spent experiencing other wonders of Sedona. First we visited a medical intuitive, trained by Caroline Myss. And then we had a hot stone massage. Both of these are a first for me; what a treat!

By the time we had finished our appointments, it was time for the sunset, definitely a must-do for sun-deprived Canadians. Each day has had totally sunny days, from one end to the other. This, I know, I will miss.

To me, the sunset is the most spectacular on the mountains opposite.

Interesting facts and trivia about Sedona...

1. We have the best view of the mountains from right outside our hotel door.
2. Sedona was named after a woman, the wife of the first postmaster.
3. Lucille Ball and Walt Disney used to live here.
4. The McDonald's in Sedona has teal arches, the only one in the world that does not have the golden arches. The city did not approve of the yellow arches because the colour didn't mesh with the red rocks.

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