Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Aimee and Patricia's Day Adventure

Aimee (and Josh) are embarking on a new adventure. With two job offers, they are heading for Winnipeg at the end of this month. And so, as we thought of the leavetaking, Aimee and I decided to go to places that she has wanted to see on the lower mainland but it didn't happen. After I arrived at her place in record time, we brainstormed how we would spend the next couple of days. We were restricted by time because Monday morning Aimee had to work, and I had to line up in the passport office. (7 am my colleague suggested, and then I would be out of there in ONLY 4 hours!)

We decided on Victoria. For the ferry ride (Aimee's never done it) and to see the city, where Aimee has never explored.

By sunset, we were crossing the Georgia Strait on our way to Katherine and Marcus' home. Katherine took us out for some fine pizza, and we toured the city; we were bedazzled by lights on the legislature and cruise ships. We settled into our beds 17 hours after I had left Nelson.

Katherine and Marcus filled our heads with ideas of what to do in Victoria. We aimed to do it all... First of all, we captured our big adventure:

And then we went to Fisherman's Wharf, found a Harbour Ferry and found ourselves landed at Inner Harbour Centre. There were many others who thought this was a great idea. We viewed vendors and saw the tail end of a street performer:

At this moment, she was instructing the middle volunteer not to look up.

Here's our "we were here" shot...

The Photographer

Our Harbour Ferry operator showed us a seal in the water, and then directed us to a few that hang around the pier. This fellow made an offer - "I show you my belly; you feed me herring."


"And, oh yeah, I'll bring my friends."

We went to the mall (bought a beautiful purse), tried to find the restaurant Katherine had showed us the day before but were unsuccessful and then headed for the ferry. We picked up dinner in Sidney at a great Thai restaurant, and then headed for the ferry line up, our intent to eat our meal on the ride across the Strait. Except, taking the 7 pm ferry was a popular idea and it got filled before our turn, and so we sat in Swartz Bay for 2 hours.

Aimee and I are well practiced in wait lines as you may recall - HERE. We were still a long way from home - 5 hours. And 6 hours after that, we were up and ready for a new day.

I figured we were on Vancouver Island for 24 hours. Our adventure, it seems, fill every single moment!


Anonymous said...

Quite the day you both had. I think I would have liked it although knowing me, I would have gotten grumpy with the waiting. Yes, I know. I have no patience.


Carina Costom said...

Dear Patroushinka,

Thank you for sharing your journey to Victoria. I too was reeled in by those dockside charmers (and I don't mean the sailors!).

Blessings to your kin on their next adventures. For some of us, the open road is widest when we realize just how much we are loved and supported.
Love and light,

Patricia said...

There is some chance, Al, that you might not have enjoyed the actual length of the day.

Patricia said...

Hello Carina...

Thanks for the well wishes for Aimee and Josh, and the lovely thoughts about the road.

We did miss the sailors.... I heard that they are an amusing bunch.