Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter Musings

The light is coming back...

Out on the street after work, I hear comments about how it is not quite as dark as it used to be. I have noticed that when the sun does shine, it now peers over the top of the building to the left of my window. It is all a good sign. I watched the news on the weekend, and the reporter illustrated the fact that winter is passing - in Inuvik, there is now 3 hours of daylight in a day, and 5 hours in Yellowknife. Except for the snow that is continuing to fall, in vast amounts I might add, the winter is on its way out. Tell that to those who live in Winnipeg - was it a blizzard yesterday??

What does it mean?

Here is an entry from my journal on January 27, 2008

I decided to do my writing on the computer today, having made a pact with Katherine to write three pages a day. I was writing a piece called Above and Beyond, instigated by Janine and Monique who are having a gathering of storytellers who will talk on this theme. I am slightly panicked about three pages a day. I fear there is nothing in the well. And so I remembered that I had saved on the Mac PowerBook I had opened a couple days ago. It had a list of 5 projects, urged by a writing instructor, Verna in 2005, to be undertaken simultaneously so there is always something to do.

As I scanned the document list, I found a document called Writing Practice. I was curious. It was brief, a recounting of a writing idea Janine had suggested. At the top was the date - May 3, 2005 - and time - 9:51 PM. My eyes rolled over to the top right corner of the computer screen. The time was 9:51 PM! Really? I looked back at the document, and then looked back and forth until today's time changed to 9:52. What are the chances?

More coincidences....

Yesterday, Ryan celebrated his birthday in Seattle with a meal home cooked just for him - steak, broccoli, and bowtie pasta (because he said, it was classy). Sundaes for dessert. I joined in the festivities thanks to my long distance phone card - and Aimee took a photo of Ryan talking to me on the phone, so I was included in the celebrations.

January 28th, 2008 is the 50th anniversary of the invention of the Lego brick.

Ryan and the Lego brick born on the same day - now how perfect is that???

How sweet it is...

Today, I went to visit the physiotherapist (tendonitis). As I lay getting my treatment, I noticed the distinct smell of chocolate. And then I realized on the other side of the wall was the home of Nelson Chocofella. When I was done, I stopped by the door and turned the handle - they were in! I met Holly and Sam who have produced Nelson Chocofellas for 18 years. They gave me a raspberry truffle - which was even more heavenly than the ones I have had at the Capitol Theatre - because it was made today! What a fun day to see the masterminds behind the superb chocolates. FYI, they add no sugar to their chocolates, and that is why they do not make caramel flavours.

As I left, I saw a sign on their door - it said - Sweet 202.

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