Saturday, January 05, 2008

The 2nd Annual Great Perogy Event

Unfortunately, the first annual event was not documented. This year, though, I shook off the flour from my hands and found the camera.

In reality, the perogy-making event happens every year. We owe years and years of thanks to my mother who determinedly enhanced our Christmas with the best perogies in the land, doing the entire work on her own. And now, she is mentoring the rest of us.

Perogies are a delightful introduction from the Ukrainians who brought their culinary delights when they came across the ocean. Someone said once upon a time that each culture has its own potato-filled, dough-based delectable. Samosas is another example. Perogies have become a rich tradition in our family, and my mother, as many others, has made it her own, borrowing ideas off of others and refining it. The recipe that circles in our family has a cheese-based filling, with onions and bacon.

To make the perogies, there are two parts - the dough and the filling. What makes our perogy-making a GREAT event is that the whole family rolls up their shirt sleeves and participates. We get to hang out for a few hours, chattering and busily working alongside each other. Then we get to eat them.

Here's the perogy-making process - the chronicles of the 2nd year event!

Step One: Boil potatoes and mash.

Step Two: More cheese, please.

Step Three: Making the dough. The dough recipe is very simple - sour cream and flour. The sour cream cannot be low fat - it just isn't the same. I think Penny can attest to this.

Step Four: Kneading the dough. Here we have the very trained professional.

Step Five: Making the rounds.

Step Six: The filling goes in the rounds, folded in half and then pinched shut.

Step Seven: Then the perogies are slipped into boiling water. When they float, they are done!

Step Eight: Bliss.

What is curious is that in all the pictures that I took, there are none of
(a) the finished 94 perogies or
(b) the eating event.

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