Monday, June 04, 2007

The Best Meals I Have Ever Eaten

One of the delights of journeying is getting to sample different types of food. If you live in Winnipeg (or Toronto perhaps), you don't have to travel far to get some deliciously diverse food.

Here are some of my most memorable meals:

1. Prime rib on a cruise ship between Miami and Puerto Rico. The meat was sooo tender.

2. Spaghetti on a Slocan Lake beach while camping. It was the best spaghetti ever. Perhaps it was enhanced when the lot slipped out of the pot when I was draining off the water??

3. Shrimp on a pier in St. Petersburg, Florida. How much did it cost? Ryan said, $2,500 for the first dozen and then $6.95 after that.

4. Turkey dinner made by my mom. It includes perogies filled with cheddar, potatoes and bacon!

5. Elizabeth's fry bread - surprise breakfast on my 50th birthday.

6. DQ Ultimate and onion rings after a Monday night weigh in.

7. French fries and gravy the day after a late night in the bar. Extra salt please.

8. Sitting around a campfire in Tofino, smokies (bought at the co-op: 4 for $10), and tortilla chips. This experience reminded my sister, "I hate camping." I laughed until we climbed into the tent.

9. Homemade pasta. Sausages with peppers.

10. Any meal with Ryan and Aimee.

Now it's your turn.... What's your most memorable meal?

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Anonymous said...

This is one that took a bit of thought to single out some of my favorites. Here they are in no particular order or relevance.

1. Easter BBQ 1975 (steaks, corn, and various sundries) with a number of ROTC associates who, like me, could not go home that weekend.

2. Lasagna at Scampi's in Chicago

3. The first dinner I ate at Milford's in Spokane (excellent fish, indeed)

4. And yes, Elizabeth's fry bread made a wonderful breakfast

5. Sweet & Sour Chicken at the Mustard Seed in Missoula

6. Turkey dinner on Saturday evening followed by a long night of cards

7. Dinner with all my cousins at the Outback. The food was ok, but the company was excellent

8. Yam & Broccoli soup made by Patricia. I was surprised at how tasty it was.

9. Amish Apple Pie. Always a good choice.