Sunday, May 20, 2007

Incident in Seattle

When Julie, Ryan and I were getting ready to go out for dinner last evening, we went to his car, parked on the street where it has been for the past 400+ days.

The first thing that Ryan noticed was his passenger door open. Then he saw this:

Inside, the would-be thieves had tried very hard to make this car operable.

From our deductions, we figured out they did their work from the passenger side of the car, and spent time underneath the dash.

Here is Ryan on the "voice mail jail" of his insurance company, while we were waiting for Seattle Police to arrive:

Now it is Sunday afternoon; the car is still on the street as all the service shops are closed and there is no where for the car to go. Indeed, it can go nowhere. Ryan has some wonder tape so we sealed the window.

We hear the sun is shining to the north, so we will go out and have adventures until it arrives.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Ryan, I'm sorry to hear about his car being broke into. Seems to me like a violation of ones' self when someone does something like that. At least they didn't get the car.

On another note, for the previous post, are you sure that Julia is just not looking to get outside the car for an adventure of her own? She is after all, not just curious, but also very smart.