Sunday, July 21, 2013

After Thoughts - WDS 2013

Two weeks since the World Domination Summit.  And life isn't the same.   There was a lot to take away from the event from the remarkable presenters who not only engaged me with their ideas but also modelled a way of being in the world and also to the organization of the event - full of surprises and a clear vision.  For example, the event is non sponsored.  No advertising anywhere.  Each morning break we were served a parfait of fresh fruit, yogurt and granola.  Lots of thought goes into this event.

On a personal level I was spellbound with the stories of caring.

Not normally a list maker (I like to keep things loose), I decided to write the 10 things that I took away from this event:

  1. Speak your truth.  Speak it from the heart.  This is where we connect with each other.
  2. Think big.  How inspiring it is to hear others' ideas of wanting to make the world a better place.
  3. The intersection of what excites you and how you can help others is the sweet spot.  Our time on the planet is about mixing inner and outer.
  4. Be all the you-ness you can be.  Keep turning over every rock inside of yourself to find out what excites you, what engages you, what gives you that sense of being alive.  
  5. Work hard.  The best we can do is dig deeper to get at the core.  Put your all into your dream.
  6. You aren't alone.  Find your tribe.  They will inspire you, help you, and calm you in ways that you cannot imagine.
  7. Start now.  Many critics abound including those residing inside of you.  Begin your dream now and you can see that perhaps another idea will emerge or a better one.  You can't see that until you start.
  8. Ideas are plentiful; play with them.  We are talking about our lives - exploring needs to be fun.  We learn by playing.  Bring it all out to play.
  9. Be pragmatic about your goals.  This is what steers the rudder when you are going through rough waters.  We need to plan for those times.  Always be thinking of the next step.  One at a time.  
  10. Look for inspiration.  It can often be found in our daily lives.  We need to be intentional.
  11. Pay attention to your feelings, where they reside in the body.  There are always clues about what we need to do.  
I know it is 11 but that is another thing I discovered - creativity doesn't come in a certain pattern. 

Inspiration at Independence Day - Portland 2013

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