Friday, December 21, 2012

The 14th Bak'tun

Today is the beginning of the 14th bak'tun, a time measured by the Maya.  If we were the ancient Maya, we would be having grand celebrations and would be admiring the new faces on our pyramids. We would see new inscriptions the scribes had etched into stone monuments, on the walls of the ceremonial centres, and books dedicated to this memorable time.

The astronomers would be watching the sky carefully and advising the scribes what they see.  The planetary alignments would be as much a part of their records as who the rulers are.

The Solstice is one of my favourite days of the year.  It is a marking point.  It is the end of pendulum.  It is a time for looking at where we were and a time to look at where we are going.  It is an internal time.

In the Kootenays, pyramids dot the landscape - in the form of hills of snow.  From Wednesday night to Thursday, there was an accumulation of 31 cms snow in my back yard.  The local ski hill has a base of 255 cms.

Morning - December 20th - my front stairs
In a practical sense, what this means is that there has been a lot of shovelling going on.  Sweeping the snow off the car created a snowbank.  And there is simply no place to put all that snow.  Snow only piles so high. 

When I look down at the laneway, I can see that getting out of my cozy parking spot might be a possible.  When I look up the laneway, I doubt that I will be able to get back in.  I have decided to make my life simpler and walk.  And my car will sit.

I don't mind.  It helps me look at the world in a fresh way.

The Maya had a good point.  We need to look at the world differently. 


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