Thursday, January 05, 2012

How I spent my Christmas vacation

"Where are you going for Christmas?"


"Don't forget your winter jacket.  After all, it's not called Winter-peg for nothing."  

Talking about Winnipeg brings out the joker in everyone.  What will be remembered about Christmas 2011 is that it was not typical prairie winter weather.  Most days the temperature was above freezing and where was the snow?  

We canned the idea of sledding or cross country skiing and got down to the business of origami.  Which fit well with our sleeping schedule of bed at 3 am and up at 11.  What I found out on my winter vacation that it isn't too hard to fill the hours between midnight and 3.  

Ryan brought his book on unit origami.  Also called modular origami, it is the paper folding technique of using more than one piece of paper to create a larger more complex structure which may be a tetrahedron, cube or other shapes.  

Here is some of the paper folding we did:  

And here are the instructions:

What I learned was that if you want to make a cube, you need 6 of these.  And then to put them together, you need a Ryan. 

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