Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Winter of 2011

When I was walking through the Co-op this evening, I heard the produce displayer tell a customer that winter was on its way out. I figure this fellow has one optimistic streak. When I look outside, I cannot imagine myself planting a garden. Each day it gets more buried under snow. Three days in a row now. And there is a good deal of grumbling. Except perhaps for the snow clearing crew who are getting plenty of time this year. A radical contrast from last year when I shovelled maybe 3 times.

In January, I was writing about my snow experiences and investment into the local economy in the form of snow clearing contractors. There has been a reprieve for most of the month of February but the snow is back.

I hope the skiers are happy. No one else seems to be.

So what have I been doing in the midst of the winter, besides cursing the Yak Trax? It sounds like I am an ingrate since one has to walk on ice, Yak Trax can save your life or keester. But the fact is that I don't really want to experience the day where I need to use Yak Trax. So I AM grateful for each day that I don't have to wear them. I am smart though; they are always in the trunk of the car.

So.... long winter days are best spent planning long summer days. This year, the family plans to spend my mother's birthday going on vacation together. She likes the idea of an Alaska cruise. Me too. In talking to people, they recommended that she go in June or July because the scenery is more outstanding. I called the travel agent. Indeed the most popular times to go are July and August.

Here's what I am thinking. We are planning on a trip to go and see the snow and ice. You would think that we would have had enough by now.

After my trip to Arizona and landing in the snow, and hiking on the ice, I figure I have some upside down ideas about vacation.

Here's what I am banking on - sun! There is nothing like the promise of sun to inspire us all. On Monday, February 28th, after the snow at the end of the day, here was our promise...

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