Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ellensburg, WA

After I planned my trip to the Pacific NorthWest, I decided to follow I-90 in Washington to Seattle and then head to Bellingham. I have done this route many times, and have made good time going across the flat land, where there is always a passing lane. I had a conversation with my friend BJ about stopping for those unbeatable Washington cherries, and found 3 routes to get to the coast. The one I chose took the longest time.

And so that is how I passed one more time through Ellensburg, which has got to be hands-down the windiest place on the planet. Every time I have driven through there, it has been a hold-your-hands-on-the-wheel experience. It got me to considering some ideas. Here are some thoughts about Ellensburgers:

1. If you want to set up a hat company, this might be the place. Lots of repeat business.
2. There are no windmills in Ellensburg. How come someone hasn't thought of this? It could be the windmill capital of the world!
3. There might be more transplanted Winnipeggers there than we know. After all, we are drawn to the familiar.
4. I suspect laundry dries fast in Ellensburg. And clothes pins may be in demand. See #1 above.

So if you love the wind, this is the place to go....

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