Sunday, August 10, 2008

August on the Lower Mainland

I journeyed to the west coast on Saturday the 9th; this is the first time in a couple of years that I have travelled during tourist season. It was some busy on Highway 3, considered to be the most scenic drive to the coast. I think the marketing has done the job.

I remembered long ago when my mother used to take road trips that she would calculate the gas mileage by figuring out the fuel cost per hour. At some point, she related to me that she got $5.00 per hour on one trip. This journey, I decided to figure out the mileage my mother's way. From Castlegar to Chilliwack, I travelled for $6.00 an hour. So what's changed in over 20 years? My mom was driving a Chrysler Imperial and I now have a Honda Civic.

Speaking of my mother, I spent some of my day admiring my birthday gift from her:

After my purchase, I was told by many people that I had a tennis bracelet. Apparent Chris Evert was the first to wear diamonds on the tennis court. This is not diamonds, but they certainly shine like they are.

My trip down to the coast was a potpourri of weather. Rain, and sun. During one stop, I heard thunder. All was for the good because I was travelling with Julia and she did not need the heat. Here is a picture taken of Sunshine Valley:

And here is a promise of the week to come while I am away from home:

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Anonymous said...

Very nice bracelet!
And nice "liquid" sunshine to match the valley's name.
Enjoy your trip!