Monday, June 09, 2008

Gibsons Landing

Our second stop on the Sunshine Coast was Gibsons Landing; in actuality it is closer to the ferry than Sechelt. But we drove up the coast, and then came back to Gibsons Landing. Gibsons Landing gains its fame from The Beachcombers, which was filmed here from 1972 to 1990. Both the pier and Molly's Reach are still standing. In fact, Molly's Reach only became a restaurant after the end of the series.

Here it is:

We didn't actually eat at Molly's Reach; we chose Gramma's Pub, from a suggestion from a receptionist in Sechelt. The highlight of the meal was chicken wings.

And then we strolled down the pier:

And saw an avid gardener's work, who definitely was undaunted by the problem of water all around:

Vancouver is 10 miles away, if you were a bird. With the laidback atmosphere and abundance of outdoor delights, Gibsons is a great place to hang out. If only for a day....

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