Friday, May 30, 2008

Keeping My Hands Busy

Last weekend, I was off to Sorrento for the 10th Annual Okanagan Knitting Retreat. Sorrento is on the Shuswap Lake, a mighty fine place to hang out in the summer. But I'm not the only one who had that idea. Down the road from Sorrento is Sicamous, which is the Houseboat Capital of Canada. So there is plenty of hanging out on the Shuswap in the summer.

I didn't actually get to see much of Sorrento because I was keeping my hands, and as it turns out, mind busy. I learnt lots about working with colour yarn, and did mitred modules and entrelac and then, I learnt how to knit backwards. Very handy!

No pictures as I was too busy. They would have all been blurry anyways - those hands were moving pretty fast.

Some of the last couple of weeks, much of my "travel" has been in the back yard. A couple weekends ago, Al came up to dig the garden visit. "We" expanded the garden by a few feet, and dug in mushroom manure and peat moss.

This garden is devoted to vegetables:

And all is growing well.

Al and I also went off to the garden centres, and I found a deal on fibre pots. I seem to have this fascination with purple this year, because when I came home, I noted that I had a lot of purple flowers. I hope the fascination lasts all summer.

We also made a two-car trip to the garbage/recycling centre - and now the patio is ready for hanging out:

Oh, it is so much fun to hang out with these smiling faces:

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Anonymous said...

your yard looks very inviting, nice plants and a good veggie garden to be, i'm sure.